Spring 2017

New Season, New Month



Photo Abe.Bermudez 📸

Swimwear Poolside Collection

Hair and Makeup by me using Girlactik 

Using Skin Glow a creamy textured highlighter on my cheekbones for a nice golden shimmer in shade "Golden" and matte liquid lipstick "Bashful" on my lips.

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When I come across so much negativity, I simply remind myself it's what we make it! Never forget you are your own, we are what we believe. 🌸

Live your moment it's always your moment.

Starting a new chapter in my life where I keep reminding myself the importance of time. No matter what surrounds us always stay true to yourself and know the power of the mind is everything. Stay strong and focus. New month, new season, new goals and focus!!!



Tú eres lo que crees ser.

Recuerda de vivir cada momento, al máximo! 🌸

Ultimamente con tantos cambios en mi vida, me gusta recordarme que no importa lo negativo que nos rodea si no lo que tu sientes. "Tú eres lo que crees ser" son las palabras que me repito. El tiempo es oro y lo que hacemos con el nos queda para siempre. Les deseo lo mejor siempre y recuerden que el poder la mente es todo!