Deep Thoughts 


Today I decided to share my deepest thoughts. Have you ever felt like expressing how you really feel but feel afraid no one will comprehend? That feeling you get when you know you are living life through every moment. Knowing that you didn't follow the obvious path of society in this lifetime, instead you followed your instincts and what made you happy. I promised myself a long time ago, I wasn't going to live this lifetime feeling trapped or suppressed. I plan to keep doing so, keep living through faith. Live with love and appreciation. Respecting others and always following my instincts. Keep radiating from within and always keeping my purpose. 


I know I never express my thoughts this deep through social media but it triggers me that there are people who will only look at you and focus on your exterior. Creating false ideas and perception of who you are. I don't blame them, I'm not mad at them. We live in a toxic world that has filtered so much negativity into us, it has become so normal. So when I say stay positive, I mean it from the bottom of my heart! 

Thank you for reading.